Core Beers

River Pale Ale

A juicy, East Coast inspired Pale Ale with a West Coast feel. Big hop notes of citrus and guava giving a smooth mouthfeel with a slightly bitter, lingering finish.

Kveik Wheat Beer

4.0% ALC/VOL
This unfiltered wheat ale has a golden colour. Sweet orange blossom and honeydew melon notes on the nose lead into an off-dry smooth bodied mouthfeel of citrus with a hint of strawberries.


3.0% ALC/VOL
This sunny, straw-coloured light lager has aromas of grass and a subtle malt sweetness. Honey, bread and earthy flavours lead into an extremely refreshing and crisp finish.

Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

5.0% ALC/VOL
This pale, unfiltered pilsner has a fruit forward, floral aroma. The body has a prominent hop flavour with notes of citrus and herbs, rounding out with a subtle earthy finish.


Beer for Mungo

4.5% ALC/VOL

Aromas of ripe mango and raspberry lead into a wonderful tartness from the raspberry and cranberry fruit with some balanced mango to round it off in the finish. There’s very little sweetness and as always, tons of real fruit (no concentrates).

Rotating IPA #4

6.0% ALC/VOL

For the fourth release in this series, we combined an old-school hoppy IPA style with some new-school, fruit forward hop flavours using a CryoPop blend of hops. This product removes most of the vegetal matter in hops leaving behind only the flavourful resin and oils. The blend we used in this one adds some great flavours of stone fruit, tropical fruit and citrus. 

Aromas of peach, guava, tangerine and pine lead into flavours of grapefruit, orange and pine bitterness. The finish is dry with some nice, dank bitterness and sweet fruit coming through at the end.