Shaketown Brewing Co. is a brand that honours the rich history of its past. It takes pride in its name and values the town & community above all else. It is a brand that stretches far beyond its own brewery walls. Shaketown is a celebration of North Vancouver, old and new. Real and, well, not so real. The alternative facts of the North Shore. Told by real people making real good beer. Shaketown is the newest (and oldest) brewery in North Vancouver.

Notable Moments in Shaketown History


The ‘real’ history of Shaketown is somewhat ambiguous. Most historical documents have either been lost or destroyed. A few sketches, remnants, relics, wounds and whispers are all that remain to tell the story.

Tall Tales Told...

What we know about Shaketown is often hearsay. Forgotten tales told in dingy bars. Tales that blur, that seem to get a little fuzzier with time. Tales that get taller with each telling, made all the more grand with a pint in hand.

Shaketown may very well have never existed if it weren’t for the spirit of those who lived and breathed amongst towering trees, whose will kept the legend alive.

Today, thanks to Shaketown Brewing Co. the legend lives on.